Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Just about everyone out there has heard of pumpkin pie, but have you ever tasted one?  It is a super delicious treat.   It has almost the consistency of quark cake or cheesecake, but with a filling based on pumpkin or squash rather than cheese.  The spices used are like those used in a lot of German Christmas cookies and recipes:  cinnamon, cloves and ginger.  For my English students who meet me every week in class, it's no problem to try pumpkin pie, I'll bake you one!  But for those of you online, I'm afraid you might just have to do it yourself. But how do you prepare the pumpkin?  Never fear, the internet is here!  Here are the instructions for making pumpkin pie from scratch.  In addition, you can find the recipe I always use for pumpkin pie here.  I don't use pumpkin from a can, though, I prepare my fresh pumpkin in the oven as described on the website above. 

Have you ever had pumpkin pie?  How did it taste?
Have you ever baked pumpkin pie? Was it easy or difficult?  If no, would you like to?  Why or why not?
What other dishes do you know with squash or pumpkin?

Please answer the questions above and email them to us at  If you are a student with Virtualingua, you can send us this as one of your tutored exercises.  If you aren't learning with us yet, send us your answers and test our professional tutoring for free!

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