Friday, December 23, 2011

Medical Idioms...because it seems like everyone is getting sick

Hello again!
It's been a long break, because I've been sick, my kids have been sick and things have been very busy.  In honor of these unfortunate events, I found an idiom exercise for you online. Finally, a new English exercise!

Please visit this page:
Read through the medical idioms, add them to your own vocabulary list, practice them, and complete the quiz at the bottom of the page. 
When you feel comfortable with the idioms, write a story or dialog using 10 of the idioms from the list.  Email your story or dialog to  If you're already  a student with us, you can do this as an additional tutored exercise, otherwise you can send us the exercise and test our tutoring for free!  A qualified native speaker who is a tutor for Virtualingua will check your work and reply to you personally with corrections, suggestions and further learning tips.