Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Talk

When is small talk appropriate? What topics are acceptable as small talk?
These are not always easy questions to answer. This blog is here to help!

Watch this video from Focus Online, then answer the questions and complete the task below. Send it to your Virtualingua tutor directly as a tutored exercise, or if you're not a student with us yet, send it to us here: Try our tutoring for free!

Questions about "Small talk muss nicht sein":

1. What questions or topics did the man ask or talk about that were not necessaryin the first call?
2. When is it appropriate to use small talk? When shouldn't you use small talk?
3. What was better in the second phone call?
4. Now it's your turn: write a phone call about a topic of your choice using small talk correctly.

Talk to you later!